Abuse is never OK

Last night, around 3am I got woken up by a disturbing noise. There was a drunk couple passing my house and they were shouting and fighting. At first it was just a verbal fight then after I had been up for a minute I heard a sound of what seemed like someone got hit. I immediately jumped out of my bed because I had this scary feeling inside. Like your blood starts running faster and heart is racing twice as fast as usual. I hate that feeling. It’s super scary.

Since it was dark, I couldn’t see too much. But the guy ended up knocking his girl out unconscious. So I immediately grabbed my phone and called ambulance. Explained them where to go and what happened, they called police as well since the guy was drunk and could be a dangerous case. While I was on the phone, the guy kept trying to pick up her and he was still shouting at her saying stuff like ‘why isn’t this stupid idiot getting up.’ It was scary looking scene as for a second I thought that the hit might have been lethal. He kept dragging her body up and throwing it back down on the ground until she got conscious again. So wrapped her arm around his shoulders and they stumbled away. The shouting and the verbal abuse never stopped.

That’s how far I know what happened, I’m sure they didn’t get too far and the ambulance found them.

Obviously, I couldn’t sleep for a while after as it got me thinking of it. If this is how a man can treat a woman out on the street where anyone can see them, then what may happen at home? Behind locked doors, closed windows. Where no one sees or hears them? It hurts me to even think of it. I can only imagine and picture the possible situations…

I just don’t get it. Is it really their choice to be with such an abusive men? Is it okay for them to get abused verbally and physically? Just as long as they have a man next to them, they will take it. Even though this man is a devil instead. I know one may say – ‘yeah, they were both drunk, so stuff happens.’ No, I’m sorry but no abuse is ever okay. Verbal or physical. Sober or drunk. Period.

Women, please love yourself a little more. Respect yourself a little more. If you have a devil, not a man, by your side. Walk way. No, I’m sorry – run away. You deserve better. Any woman deserves better!