Rain, rain go away

Rain and nasty weather just gets on me. Why can’t it be sunshine and warm weather all the time? That’s what basically got me on here today, otherwise I doubt I would have written anything.

Oh, and I’m apologizing for being gone from here for ages. I’ve gotten on here for a few times though with an idea to write something. I already had something put together…then ended up erasing it and not posting anything.

Originally I started this blog as a healing process for myself and oh, how helpful it has been. To get it all out there. Everything off my chest. Out of my mind. Sometimes you just need to talk about things without talking to anyone. If you know what I mean. So this is what Openly&Honestly has basically been to me.

On top of it so many of you that have been reading my blog have reached out to me saying how they can relate to everything and in some way I’ve helped them as well just by being brave and showing that we all go through the same stuff.

My latest absence from here and state where I feel like I had nothing to share or write tells me about something. It tells me that I’m in a different phase of my life than I was in when starting this blog and that’s a massive positive. A huge step forward, away from the shit that destroyed me. The further away I get, the healthier and stronger I feel.

Cheers to that. And rain, now you can go away. Bring out the Sun!