At least we are living rather than existing

Not too long ago I had put together few blog posts about some existential questions that I was facing from day to day. I still face them, they cross my mind almost every single day.

I’ve had a chance to talk to several people about it afterwards and they have all said that they have the same kind of thoughts and questions from day to day. Instantly, that made me think of it a little more, to figure it out why most of us have to face thoughts like that. What causes them? I came to a conclusion that it’s actually healthy to have those thoughts. Why? Well, if you are a driven person that always wants to reach new heights, learn something new and develop then you will face those questions every  single day because it’s in your nature to move, to do rather than sitting still in one place. Your mind and body is built to move forward and develop, to search for new goals and that is why we get these kind of questions – Who am I? What do I want to be? What’s going to happen with me five years down the road? etc.

I believe it’s a never-ending thing though. It’s like rolling snowball. Once you find an answer to one question, the next one is going to come around and often the meaning of it grows in importance. That’s what keeps us alive and moving. When you’re 16, you might think of what you want to do for living. When you’re 25, you’re going to think of how to build family. The older we get, the bigger our worries grow.

Although, I do believe that there are people that don’t question themselves like that. Well, those are the kind of people that only live by one way – work – home – work – home. There is nothing that captures their interest, in other words, they just kind of exist instead of living. One might say it’s simple for them. It’s easier that way. Maybe it is and in that case I’d never want it easy. I want to leave something after myself. I want to move and bring others with me. It’s important for me to leave a legacy after myself that’s worthy of something bigger than just my existence. I love moving forward and developing myself even though at times it might a little too much for my own mind to carry.

From today I’ll try to look at it from the positive side of view. It’s actually good to be that way and have those thoughts. They keep me alive, they make me actually live my life through experience, emotions and feelings.