Characteristics of a beautiful person

Beautiful people. Beautiful by the looks. Yes, that’s one way to determine beauty. It’s not the main and only one though. There are far more important characteristics that determine ones beauty.

Confidence. It’s a massive one. Anyone who’s confident will stand out in the crowd. They will light up the room full of people. They will laugh the loudest at the movies. They will carry themselves proudly. You will always notice them when they are in the room.

Honesty. They won’t be afraid to speak up and tell the truth, even though that will turn them into enemies to someone else. They won’t lie because it’s not necessary, instead they will deal with the fact that someone might disagree with them.

Charisma. Can’t buy or learn it. Either you have it or you don’t. Everyone wants to be around charismatic people. Their presence is healthy and gives hope in a helpless situations. They literary release happiness from themselves. You just want to be around them and soak it up.

Passion. Whatever they do, they are all in for it. Their life consists of their passion. That’s what they get up for in the morning and go to bed at night. They are driven and motivated because they have something they care about so dearly. Determined to reach their goals and dreams and work hard for them.

Intelligence. Brightness. Knowing stuff and always having and opinion on things is attractive. Smart equals beautiful. The more you know, the further goes your knowledge – the better – the beautiful.

Cleanness. Not just the person themselves. Their clothes, what they wear. Their hair, their nails. Their environment. The place they live at. Their car. Everything around them speaks of their beauty. Clean and collective is beautiful.

Reliability. Trustworthy people are more beautiful. The ones that you can rely on and trust in. Given a task, you know you can’t trust in them getting it done. You will never second guess them. The kind of people that you can depend on.

Respect. They will respect others. Respect different opinions. In every action and everything they do, they will think of others and how that will affect others. To make sure they don’t disrespect anyone.

These are just few characteristic of a beautiful person. I hope to be the kind of person that has at least some of those.