Spotify stalker

Social media can tell you quite a lot about another person but often it can give you a false impression, because it’s so easy to make an image of choice for yourself. The kind of image of yourself that you want others to see you in.

Spotify isn’t really a social media but that’s one thing that never lies to me. Don’t think anyone makes any playlists of the stuff that they don’t even like. Our music collections are what we truly listen to. What we feel like, what kind of sounds and lyrics speak to our hearts. I’ve learned that music tells me a lot about another person. The stuff that they listen to is an image of them and what’s going on in their mind and soul.

Basically, you can call me a Spotify stalker. There have been a few times where I’ve been really impressed by someone’s taste of music. Those where the kind of cases where I just didn’t see it coming and when I checked their playlists, I was pleasantly surprised and stole quite a few sounds for myself and my collection. Also, in some cases I’ve been like – okay, not surprised. That’s what I thought it would be like. Nothing that would please my ears.

Go on people, keep on sharing what you are listening to. Music that we listen to is the picture of our souls!