Lucky to find my calling

I’ve never really loved studying. I just have to say that I’ve been pretty decent at it even though I didn’t enjoy it as much I would have wanted to, I had good grades and I passed everything. Got everything done on time. I was overall a good student.

For the past few years I’ve realized that I may actually love studying. Why? Because I’m actually learning stuff that I love and I’m interested in. Once you learn on the topic that is in your interest, you won’t ever feel like it’s hard or tiring. Instead I just want to take in more and more. Take a course after course to increase my knowledge in stuff that really matters to me. Fun fact, automatically I’m a straight A student just because I absolutely love what I’m learning.

Go and find what’s your ‘thing’ and you will never stop learning and studying!

Through the coaching I’ve realized what I want to do on my masters degree. Once I finished my bachelors, I didn’t rush to get masters like most people do, because I just thought it would be silly and wasteful if I didn’t know exactly what path I want to walk. So, now that I know that coaching is my calling, I know that I’ll do my masters in psychology. I believe it plays such an important role in coaching that it makes me want to learn a little more about it. To understand my players better and get the best out of them.

I won’t get on it just yet but few years down the road, I’ll get masters in psychology. Mark my words!