And I thought I got nothing tonight

Do you ever catch yourself in a state where there is so much you want to say but nothing comes out? Or in my case, there is so much I would want to write about right now but I just can’t seem to put it together tonight.

All of my posts have come out of one thought and once I get to writing, it happens naturally and I’m not sitting there and thinking what should I write about? It just happens.

Well tonight, I opened my blog and thought I’ll just type up something because I feel like it. I just felt like expressing something that’s on my mind. Believe me, there are billions of thoughts, ideas and feelings running through my brain. Then I sat there for 30 minutes with a blank space. Typing up few words then deleting it. Typing up two sentences then deleting it. Got nothing.

Just made me look at it from a different prospective. You can’t really force anything on yourself or others. Things have to happen naturally. Inspiration comes suddenly and sometimes unexpected. Once you get it, you have to put it to use and create something. Whatever you’re good at, write a song, a poem. Or paint a picture, invent a new passing soccer drill. Whatever it is.

Damn, didn’t I just write that you can’t force anything? Here I am, writing a post and actually making some sense with it. Contradicting myself though with what I said before. Let’s say – you can’t force anything but you can influence it on yourself and sometimes it may actually work, but sometimes it may not. As you see, worked on me this time.