Let’s get away more often

Sometimes it’s good to escape the reality. Go away for a few days and shut down your brain from anything that’s going on in your life. Relax and refuel yourself so that you can jump right back into your work or school with a new breath and motivation to get stuff done. You don’t have to go anywhere far or it doesn’t have to be a long trip. 3-4 days is going to be enough. It’s possible to free yourself up for a few days now and then.

I’ve made a promise to myself to do that at least twice a year now. Plan a short trip to some place and escape everything.

I don’t need big excursions or plans of why to do. All I need is good food, some drinks, few shops to visit, few buildings or places to see and good weather. That’s a definition of comfort and relaxation for me.

That’s exactly what my recent trip to Bari, Italy was like. Super relaxing and nicely spent time overall. The best part about it – it has given me that new energy and motivation to do things. Perfect timing as I get back to job on Friday and season 2018 is right around the corner. 2018, come at me – I’m ready for you!