Nothing but ignorant people

I find it very hard to respect someone who has lived their whole life in Latvia and hasn’t even bothered to learn the Latvian language. I can’t imagine myself living in another country for over a year without attempting to learn the local language, I won’t even speak about living there my whole life. I’d just hate to not be able to communicate properly with others and you must really force yourself to avoid learning just because naturally, I feel like it would automatically happen since you hear it all around.

Fun fact, this particular example that got me thinking on this used to represent Latvian football national team on the international level. How do you even do that? I mean, how can you not learn the language with just those few things in consideration? At least out of respect for the place where you have grown up.

Just tells me of what kind of person they are and makes it almost impossible for me to even speak to them, won’t even consider the respect part. The ironic thing about this particular situation though. Since the person wasn’t able to speak in Latvian, all the Latvian speaking people spoke to them in Russian. How ironic is that? There are Latvian speaking people that aren’t forced to learn Russian or English while living in Latvia, but they still do it.

This is nothing to do with me having something against some particular person or nation. It’s about disrespectful and ignorant people living in their own little box.