Recognition is important

Some people say that they don’t care about the awards. They say that they don’t need to be recognized for their work or performance.

I think you have to be naive to believe those lies.

We all enjoy being recognized and thanked for something that we have done or are doing. It’s an honor to be in the spot light with anything we do for anyone. I admire those people who can straight up say that it is important for them to be recognized. Not holding back. Being honest. Not trying to be too extra humble. Yes, I believe that there is such a thing as being ‘too humble’ that it would make me gag. Literary.

Everyone wants to be at the top so why hide it, why lie about it?

I believe that a true champion, real winner and leader will admit that they want to be recognized, and exactly for that character they are the ones that will get those awards and they will be in front of everyone else. People, keep being hungry for the awards and recognition in anything you do because those things will keep pushing you forward.