Work for it

Let me share something that happened today.

As I was leaving a shop, I passed this boy who was standing by the entrance. He was probably around 10-12 years old. He was repeating these few lines, I could just tell he had been standing there for a while and saying the same thing over and over again just by the tone and the way he said it. It’s not like I was rushing anywhere but I was kind of in my own zone so I didn’t hear the first part of what he said but I noticed the ending: “I made them by myself”. It really stuck in my mind.

As I was walking to my car, I kept on wondering what was it about. I assumed he was selling something, what was it though? I didn’t even stop and look. How silly of me. Got in my car and even started it, was about to leave.

Then it hit me, if I leave now, it well be on my head for a couple of days at least and if I don’t go back it will eat me up. So I decided, whatever it is that he’s selling, I’m going to buy it from him.

Why? Well, let me tell you.

Kids these days are lazy as hell. Nobody has to do anything to get something. It’s just normal for parents to get things for them, they just have to ask or beg and they will get it. The fact that this kid was out there, selling something that he had made himself, just to make some pocket money was worth of me getting out of my car and heading back to him.

It wasn’t about how much he asked for it or what was he selling. It was just me willing to show him that he is doing it the right way. He’s actually making things happen. If you want something – you have to work for it.

Also, Christmas is coming up so around this time, it always makes me want to give more. It makes me want to share. So it was just natural of me to grab that wallet and head back in there.

I walked up to him and asked what are you selling there boy?

So he showed me. It wasn’t anything amazing or insanely gifted talent that he had put into work. He was selling these bracelets that I’ve seen a lot of kids make and I remember my cousin making some of those as well. He was selling one for 30 euro cents. I gave him few euros and got one of them bracelets. In return I got this huge smile and warm thank you!

As I was walking back to my car, I put that bracelet on my wrist and thought to myself, I’ll have to wear it now, just as a reminder that if you want something – you have to work for it. Working for something that you want won’t be unrecognized. Eventually you will definitely be rewarded for it.

It might be a silly little rubber bracelet but it has so much more meaning to it now.