Take me back in time

I envy people from back of the day. Imagine how much easier moving on from someone was back then. After breaking up and separating with someone, they most likely didn’t get to see each other or didn’t know anything about them afterwards. Unless there were some special circumstances, working together or living in small town etc.

Now thought, with a help of social media you get your ex in your face all the F-ing time. Their face pops up on your Facebook messenger. Even though you don’t talk anymore. They are still under your favorites list. Then there is Instagram or other social media stuff. Even thought you have unfollowed already, there is that curiosity that drives you to go on and check that profile now and then.

It drives me nuts. I hate that I do it but it happens automatically. We like to torture ourselves. We kind of want to know what they are up to. Are they happy without us? Have they met someone new? Bla bla bla..I could just go on.

So it leaves me to one thing. Deleting them from everywhere and blocking. So that I can’t see anything, they can’t see anything. Just disappear for each other. Makes it somewhat easier to move on.

I’ve always said how silly that is and oh, there is no need for that. You can be friends afterwards and all the bubbly stuff. Well, I never through I’d get in this kind of extreme situation when I just have to. I don’t want to see anything. Don’t want to hear. Don’t want to know anything. It’s almost like I want them to stop existing. At least for me personally.

My point is, in times like these, I just wish I lived in 80s-90s when things like this were a little easier to cope with. At least somewhat easier…screw social media. Too addicted.