No more burden

Get rid of the narcissistic people in your life. Sometimes it’s hard to do that because it could be a family member, someone you have to work with or your partner, but if there is a chance, at least avoid them.

If you won’t, they will drawn you. They will suck everything out of you. They will make you turn into someone you’re not. If it’s your life partner then get rid of them! You’ll be better off alone. Trust me.

I learned that lesson the hard way. Giving myself fully to someone who didn’t appreciate any bit of it. Kept me tied up and just sucked out any blood I had running through my veins.

They will constantly make you doubt yourself. Everything you do, you will second guess. You will wonder wether you’re good enough. Am I doing something wrong, why can’t I please them? When you’re down, they won’t be there for you. Instead their problems will turn up all of a sudden and they will immediately be in a worse position than you are. And again, you’re gonna feel like you’re being selfish and they are actually struggling more than you you just have to suck it up and be there for them.

For the past two years I lost who I was. I lost my identity. I have not been the person I used to be. Avoiding my friends. Making drastic life changing decisions. Shutting down from everyone around me because I was in a constant stress and pressure of feeling like I’m never good enough. Imagine what that has done to my self-esteem. Or confidence.

Now that I’ve finally opened my eyes. I’m starting to feel healthy again. I can sleep at nights, no stress. Starting to work on recovering my lost friendships and just being myself again.

I’m happy to be back on my own feet and all it took was to get rid of that burden.