Risk a little more

Why are people scared of something new and different? Most people will chose to stick with the old ways even thought they are not happy about it rather than risking a little bit with getting in something new. I’m not talking about something specific, it’s that way about anything really.

I wonder, is it the fear of failure or fear of risk? Or what? This thought crossed my mind because I’ve gotten to face situation like that a lot lately and it just made me wonder.

I guess I’m not like most everybody. If I’m not happy about something and I want things to change, I won’t think much, I’ll go for that new stuff, I’ll rather chose to try something new even though there is a risk of failure instead of sticking with the old ways that I’m not happy about anyways. I just look at it like this – it can’t get much worse and if it fails in the end – well, at least I tried and then I’ll know. If I didn’t try, I’d never know the outcome and down the road, I’d regret not giving that new and unknown a chance.

That’s how I see it and, it might come down to my mentality. I just like to be ahead of the game and without giving a try to the new stuff, you’ll never be there at the top.

With this I just want to encourage people to risk it a little sometimes, go for that new stuff. No matter the outcome, at least it will be something new and different and always a lesson learned. There are no lessons learned from the old ways.