Different kind of drugs

Coaching is addicting. I never thought I’d get so addicted to something else rather than playing sports myself. To be honest, coaching gives me even more of a high than playing does.

I have always had that winners mindset. I guess that’s the reason why, being as a player, quite often, I’ve managed to pull that one last winning goal or winning try. I just put my body out there and give it everything I’ve got and more, because I want it so badly. Always. I have never ran out of that drive. I still have it in me. In anything I do. I’ll do anything to reach the top. To be the best. To be successful. To win.

Coaching constantly gives me the opportunity to be successful. There are goals that I can reach on a daily basis.

Winning games or tournaments is just that ‘icing on the cake’ kind of thing. My daily work is that real drive. I get players to join football. I get that raw material and it’s in my hands to make something out of it. It doesn’t happen all at once but step by step, I get to see that development. That little piece of success daily, weekly, monthly in my players is my addiction. My drug.

From day one, from that first moment, I believe in my players. I believe in their success because I believe in myself and I know what I’m capable of doing. If they are not successful then it’s not their fault. It’s on me, because then I had not done my job properly. And I can only blame myself for it, not them.

That was just a little bit about my kind of drugs because today I had one of those ‘icing on the cake’ moments. Proud coach.