Just a little too heavy

My demons, they get me. Quite often. Today is one of those days.

It’s hard to explain what they are like. One day they come in a shape of some kind of thoughts that worry me or emotions. Next time they come in weakness that overtakes me in general.

Today it’s all about the emotions. I feel everything a little stronger. Something I’ve got on my mind hurts a little more. I miss someone a little more than usual. It’s like everything comes in a double of what’s it’s usually like.

I realize one thing though. Those moments come after I’ve been on a high. After I’ve been very happy and busy with all them positive emotions. More or less, that just tells me that everything comes in ups and downs. I get that and it just makes sense that it does. I just wish that those downs were not as heavy as they are on me.

It’s like I do it to myself though. Unintentionally? I don’t know. I get that it’s just a state of mind but why does my own brain works on me that way? Because, obviously, it’s my brain that does it.

Is it true that ones own brain could be a little too heavy on them? Because I feel like mine is.