Being together

18th of November – Latvian Independence day and my country turned 99. I’m proud to be Latvian. I’m very lucky to be born as one.

I’m not going to get into history or anything like that with this post. I just want to share what this day really means to me.

Yesterday, as we were having a dinner, we talked about how important this have become for our family. It isn’t just a celebration of our amazing homeland. Most importantly it’s a family get together. I get to see all my favorite people at one place, which on a daily basis doesn’t happen that often. Everybody is busy with their own stuff and sometimes months go by before we all get together. On top of it we have another one of those finger licking meals made by my mamma. Full belly – happy me.

To me this day gives almost the same feeling as Christmas. We get to celebrate being together. We’re lucky to have such a strong bound in the family and our strength comes from being together. I’m blessed and I appreciate it very much because I realize that not many people have that.

Thank you Latvia for uniting and giving us another reason to be together and appreciate the most important thing in our lives – our family.